Bodhi Adityo

House ,Tech House , Minimal And Techno
Record Labels
Blanc Stone Digital,Decibel vibes record
Dj Bodhi (Adityo)
Born in 1972 and started to dj in the beginning
of the 90’s. My love for music has brought me all
over the globe and I played in several big clubs
and open air parties: Café d’Avers, NOXX terrazza
(Belgium), Zorba the boudha, Paradiso, The Temple
(The Netherlands), Boudha Bar (Paris), DAD
festival, Salvationz outdoors, Beach bar, Paradise,
Port side, Istion (Crete), Ibiza Extravaganza, …
Started in the 90’s with soul and full house and
moved to psy trance at the end of the 90’s. Started
with lounge in 2000 but I missed the groove from
the beginning. I began to play funky house again.
This is and will stay my favourite.
Love for good music
Booking agent
Kimmy Schinkels and for greece Savas Houstoulakis
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