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Wat is Progressive house music ?

Progressive house

Progressive house is a style (substyle) of house-music. The progressive house style emerged in the early 90ies It initially developed in the UK as a natural progression of N.A and E.U house music of the late 80ies.

Today Progressive house have a big variety of substyles and is one of the most diverse and complex styles of electronic house music,progressive house is a build up style witch is harmonic with groovy tunes what   brings you to a climax .because of the diversity of this style , it can be played on a variety of party’s weather it it is att launch club, a dance festival or a beach party there is always a progressive style what fits in.

The progressive styles and substyles

– Deep Progressive house

Deeper slower style , less melodic than melodic progressive-house often combined with deep tech house also called DEEP TECH.

– Dark progressive house

A Darker styles a is bit rawer in sound then regular  progressive house and often with spooky tunes and pads , sweeping sweeps , deep and heavy bassline , this  style is often combined with deep tech house or deep dark progressive house.

– Melodic Progressive house

The most played style is melodic progressive house , its more euphoric and melodic than all other progressive styles and its sounds a bit familiar to trance music but slower and deeper.this style is often combined with Deep House


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