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Wat is Techno music ?

Techno a electronic music genre


Techno is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit N.A  during the mid-to-late  80s. The first known  use of the word techno in reference to a specific genre of music was in 88.

Techno is mostly recognized to its heavy ,raw  styles with pumping basses and kicks and technological percussion’s, and mostly with no melody or any euphoric tunes.

Today Techno haves many sub genres and is one of the most listen underground electronic music  in 2018.

The following sub genre emerged from techno


A High bpm raw style lots combined with dark pads and atmos , its very familiar to hardcore aka Gabber but with techno basselines and kicks.


Multi addaptable style  , slower  and deeper style than regular Techno , often combined with tech house or deep progressive house

Progressive techno

A style  combines with the harmonies and grooves of progressive house, the results are are often  bumping progression experience.

Tech house

Tech house is a genre of house music that combines stylistic features of techno with house.  more info here about tech house

Blanc stone digital  techno producers 

We offer broad and diversity of techno  music from variety of producers from all over the globe.

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Techno example video :

Techno music 2018

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techno music definition

Techno music youtube

There is a big amount of techno-video’s , from producers and dj’s from all over the world on YouTube here are some useful links.

Find some top -techno with some good  tunes on techno-music download site.

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