Hereby private deed among the parties


– For this contract, it is specified that they shall be understood as “PARTIES”:

·For the entry “LABEL” the “BLANC STONE DIGITAL”;

·For the entry “DISTRIBUTOR” the company that will manage the distribution;

·For the entry “ARTIST” the author of the original song;

·For the entry “REMIXER” the author of the remix of the original song;

·For the entry “PRODUCTIONS” the tracks produced and put up for sale.

– among the parties are already occurring negotiations and agreements having in object the realization of Recording.


– it is the intention of the ARTIST/REMIXER to make use of professional and entrepreneurial competences of the LABEL;

– express will of both parties is to regulate the above-mentioned collaboration directing it to the single achievement of

the production that is object of this contract;

– hereby private deed, by mutual consent the PARTIES intend to regulate the business relations existing among them

beginning from today.

Given the above, and to form integral part of the contract,



Having had the possibility to verify the professional and entrepreneurial competences of the label, hereby the

ARTIST/REMIXER entrusts the LABEL to realize the recording productions intended to include the interpretation of the

ARTIST/REMIXER, that is to realize all that is necessary to bring the song interpreted by the ARTIST/REMIXER onto the



The ARTIST/REMIXER binds himself:

– To make recordings of his own performances for the release on the label BLANC STONE DIGITAL, alias

– not to produce the same song/s with another label therefore granting the exclusive right for the life of the contract

(two years);

– the ARTIST/REMIXER states and warrants to have paid all the subjects that have given one’s services in any quality for

the realization of the song/s , to have used loops and free sample royalties if present, that is free copyright, relieving

the label from any liability, claim or request that a third party could claim;

– according to the law on copyright, the ARTIST/REMIXER states to be the lawful owner of all rights belonging at the

LABEL, of the song/s delivered and to dispose legitimately of respective rights of economic exploitation, relieving the

LABEL from any liability, claim or request that a third party could claim;

– the ARTIST/REMIXER states to deliver to the LABEL all versions of the song in his possession and, if unauthorized, he

commits himself not to realize other versions of the song;

– the ARTIST/REMIXER recognizes at the label full and complete ownership of the recording as well as the exclusive

right to economic exploitation, considered as exclusive right to the marketing, unreservedly and without obligations;

– the LABEL is the owner of the master relevant to the song of the ARTIST/REMIXER for which we sign this contract, for

two (2) years, that is the life of this contract;

If the ARTIST/REMIXER wanted to get back upon request the copyright on the song for which we sign this contract

before the expiry date, he must pay a sum equal to the valuation determined by the LABEL;

– the ARTIST/REMIXER commits himself not to interfere in the management concerning the reproduction, the

distribution and the marketing of the product that is object of this contract;

– the ARTIST/REMIXER binds himself to grant 100{9a22145a6009879a54ad6e0acfb148a591f600c1e8038a378f512c750eaab2d0} (one hundred percent) of the rights of economic exploitation of the

song/s to the label or to another subject identified by the label, considered as exclusive right to the marketing;

– the ARTIST/REMIXER commits himself to hype the songs of which he is the author through his own promotional



The LABEL binds itself:

– to distribute the PRODUCTION/S that is/are object of this contract as it may consider appropriate, without time limit

and at least for the life of this contract (two years).

– to stop selling and/or distributing at any time without notice and without excuse;

– to bear all the cost necessary for the distribution of the product;

– to use the full name and/or stage name of the ARTIST/REMIXER, his picture, his biography, his discography, the

promotional and social network links, images or other material relevant to the person of the ARTIST/REMIXER for

requirements of trade, of advertising and other forms of plug.

On delivery by email of advertising material asked from the LABEL for its own informational purposes to

ARTIST/REMIXER advantage, the ARTIST/REMIXER states to have the total ownership of the material delivered,

relieving the LABEL from any claims by a third party;

4) In connection with the performances made, the label commits itself to recognize to the artist/remixer some

royalties so identified:

Division of one hundred percent (100{9a22145a6009879a54ad6e0acfb148a591f600c1e8038a378f512c750eaab2d0}) of sales among ARTIST, LABEL and DISTRIBUTOR


(*) (**)



ct is two (2) years as of the date below and it is relevant to the song below, after which it is

option of the LABEL the tacit renewal for a period of equal duration, and so at every expiry date, except the withdrawal

period to be announced no later than 90 days prior the expiry of the contract.

The judicial authority of The Netherlands will have the competence to solve any disputes between the PARTIES, relevant to

this contract. The parties agree prefer a peaceful resolution of any disputes without resorting to the judicial authority,

except in extreme cases in which the parties are unable to mediate. Any changes made to this contract will have to be

approved from the LABEL and from the ARTIST/REMIXER through a contract that replaces this, on pain of nullity.

For what is not provided in this contract, the PARTIES make explicit reference to the rules of law and in the absence to

the customs and practices;

The ARTIST/REMIXER states to be informed and to accept the inclusion and the registration of his personal data in our

database according to the current legislative decree of the privacy. Personal data processing will be oriented to the

optimal management of this contractual relationship and it does not involve the disclosure and/or spread to third

parties, except for the proper performance of what is the object of this contract.

The artist/remixer commits himself to sign and send this contract by email at the following address:

Upon receipt, with the same typology the label will countersign and resend it to the artist/remixer sending.

5. Royalty Payments

You will receive a royalty statement & payment when your royalties reach € 50,- or more.

If your royalties do not reach that amount, you will not hear from Blanc Stone Digital until they do.

You can at any time request a statement or payment otherwise, just know we won’t actively contact you until your royalties reach € 50,- or more.


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