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UPDATE 2024  new form Link

click here to update your profile on beatport


Update your Beatport artist account with a new image or  a Bio text.

This is how you do it, take note it takes several weeks to be published.

If you do not have a artist Beatport account, than your label or your music distributor needs to register one for you.

You need to go to a website called Jotform here you can submit your profile picture and bio here as well as link your DJ page and Artist page: https://research.beatport.com/jfe/form/SV_0kXT12AihgD0MV8

Please make sure that your picture is EXACTLY 590×404 and you have filled out all of the necessary fields.

For your Dj profile it is easy , go to your Beatport account and login  go to :


Edit your profile info and save.

Good luck !

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