Frank Omaley is the recording and performing moniker of Frank Emile, a Bruxelles based EDM & House DJ/producer known for his progressive house anthems and remixes of artists ranging from Post Malone. He generally tends to produce pop-leaning vocal dance tracks, but he dips into slower, trap-inspired numbers as well. Born in Madagascar, in 1980, Frank began playing music at an early age, receiving classical piano training before teaching himself to play home studio. He graduated from University in in Communication and initially tried to break into the music business as an acoustic musician before switching to electronic dance music. He started out creating remixes before producing original tracks, and his first EP was released in 2003. Since then, he’s released dozens of tracks and remixes, with songs like “Drop the house” and “Night & Days” receiving millions of online streams.
TEAM : DJ Wolfox , Maximoproducer, Digital Angel…
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