Peter Rowen Phillips known as AKA Rowen X From UK Radio 3 years running This Friday 8PM UK 10Pm South Africa is the start of a brand new show coming… A new kind of Trend i am setting… watch this space, and gifts Radio FM stomp Dot Com  (Facebook)Was a resident at ESP in 2000 for 6 years, played at Splash, H20, Sippery N Wet.
Here is my Artist Card  which will review some of my success stories and artists i have worked with over the years, ranked 16 in Cymatics Signal in 2017, number 1 house music song Friends by Lacy Phillips from New York America.{9a22145a6009879a54ad6e0acfb148a591f600c1e8038a378f512c750eaab2d0}20Phillips{9a22145a6009879a54ad6e0acfb148a591f600c1e8038a378f512c750eaab2d0}20friends{9a22145a6009879a54ad6e0acfb148a591f600c1e8038a378f512c750eaab2d0}20award&epa=SEARCH_BOX

Videos Of my music and live performance

Soundcloud a few songs produced, Album releasing this year.

Address:South Africa