The musical journey started about 20 years ago. Driving his parents nuts when the first Hardcore records where bought. A lot of years passed by…Playing at different venues and festivals. The musical drive went bigger when produced tracks where released at some of the biggest labels in the Hardcore scene. In 2022 a shift happened… The M!ND was craving for more laidback produced music. Putting a lot of hours in finding the most beautifull strings and sounds to fit in his tracks. The M!ND style evolved into a Trance influenced sounding Techno. Impact is one of the tracks that evolve from a Trance break string, to a full Impact Techno track. All of the track names reflect the state of where (the) M!ND is when the track is produced. It doesn’t matter if it’s slow, hard, dark or trancy it always got a M!ND twist to it. Thanks for checking out my music!

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