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We are thrilled to present to you the fifth volume of Various Artist Melodic Progression, an extraordinary album that offers a sublime fusion of Melodic Techno, Progressive House and Melodic House music. This album pledges to captivate and enthrall music aficionados with its diverse amalgamation of genres, proffering a memorable auditory encounter that will leave you yearning for more.

The Various Artist Melodic Progression vol.5 album comprises an assembly of the most exceptional and sought-after artists in the music industry.
Each artist imparts their distinctive sound and style to the album, culminating in a harmonious and well-coordinated musical odyssey that is certain to astound.

Melodic Techno Progressive House is a genre that has garnered immense notoriety in recent years, and rightly so. It epitomizes a flawless fusion of melody, rhythm, and dynamism that produces a potent and mesmerizing musical experience. The Various Artist Melodic Progression vol.5 album does a commendable job of manifesting the true potential of this genre, proffering a sound that is both elevating and evocative.

The opening track of the album, “Tinexis – Ex Axion (Remaster 2023),” sets the tone for what is yet to come. Its pulsating beat and trance-inducing melody entice and beguile you, culminating in an ecstatic climax that will leave you breathless. which set the tone for the rest of this Melodic Progression journey of this album.

Tracklist :

Tinexis – Ex Axion (Remaster 2023)

1. Tinexis – Ex Axion (Remaster 2023)
2. Raziël.b – Into the Blue (Vocal mix)
3. Danny Villagrasa – Lalaa (Original Mix)
4. Raziël.b – Euphoric Sadness (Original Mix)
5. MSTE – Aero (Original Mix)
6. Guen B – 1,2,3 Relm (Original Mix)
7. Maëlle Ø – Total Immersion (Original Mix)
8. Guen B – A.i (Original Mix)
9. Maëlle Ø – Blue Sun (Original Mix)
10. Guen B – Exiting the Matrix (Original Mix)
11. Wei Wei – State of Divinity (Original Mix)
12. Danny Villagrasa – Eternity (Original Mix)
13. Rein (NL) – Conflicts of the Mind (Original Mix)
14. Danny Villagrasa – Night Express (Original Mix)
15. Ken Aoki – Votov (Guen B remix)
16. JackVonM – Release (Guen B remix)
17. Raziël.b – Because of You (Original Mix)

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In conclusion, Various Artist Melodic Progression vol.5 is a remarkable album that showcases the finest of Melodic Techno Progressive House and Melodic House music. Its seamless blend of genres and masterfully crafted tracks make it a requisite-listen for every music enthusiast.

To sum up, if you are a devotee of Melodic Techno Progressive House and Melodic House music, you cannot afford to miss out on Various Artist Melodic Progression vol.5. Its expertly crafted tracks and diverse conflation of genres proffer an unforgettable auditory experience that will leave you yearning for more.

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