DJ’s / Producers from Bergen (Belgium) who have been passionate about the mix since the 90s who decided to share their creative auditory visions.

Mainly live performer, they chained the tracks of their compositions each turn for different lives and varied with each performance!

Live performances at the Electronic Hill, Rockerill, Final Contest Labyrinth Live 2017, Extrema Outdoor 2017, Zodiak, Groovy Day, Jardin Des Pommes, Thanks gallery (Live), Reims ….

Labels: Dreizehn Schallplatten (Berlin), Betrieb Record (Berlin), Kissmybeat Record (Be), Klangwerg (Be), Geometrik , Blackbeard Records, Influx Reborn Records , Am strand, Paroxysm Music, Blanc Stone Digital.

Styles: 100% Underground,
Techno to minimal


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