Nobody can say for sure where Tinexis has come from. Yesterday he wasn’t there but today his grin start reaching electronic music all over. Some people say he is just an ordinary person to whom anonymity has a really strong appeal in today’s era of online communication. Others let their imagination run wild and spread rumors about him opening a portal to a parallel world. Really, Tinexis himself can neither confirm nor deny any of these conjectures – he keeps silent. He is a mystery for everybody. He can disappear immediately after a show and melt into a crowded place. Only his representative talks to people and even he claims he doesn’t know any more than any others.Tinexis talks with him – just like he talks with you – through the medium of his music. Any questions or answers – they are all in his music. Only one thing is clear: Tinexis’ music really reveals us something new and special. You don’t just hear music. You feel music transform your mind and prepare it for the understanding of something more profound. Something new. Words are needless. Because every beat and every sound are like a ubiquitously present voice. Inside. Outside. As if somebody speaks to you in an unknown tongue. It overwhelms and mesmerizes you and it is the best thing you have ever experienced. And then your eyes meet him. You see his predacious look, his grin and his smooth spellbinding moves. And you realize that he gives you a new knowledge. He is preparing you for something mystical, exciting, new and inevitable. What will it be though – a new god, a new world or a new era? It is a mystery, a solution to which is broken into a million little pieces and is concealed in his music. Listen to him and he will help you open a portal into an unknown world of emotions, happiness and harmony. He is your guide. He is Tinexis.

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