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Each Month we select a artist of the month from the Blanc stone digital label based on there preforms and and works , the selected artists of the month will be able to send his promo mix of 1 hour and will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and displayed in this post.

And  this month 01/019 we select ….:

Rollo (BE)

Rollo have been a dj from wen he was a teenager played in several clubs in Belgium and in The Netherlands, his passion for electronic music especially for The Techno Genre is never ending and about 2 years ago Rollo started to produce his own music and releasing on Blanc Stone Digital his work is mainly dark and heavy techno orientated , Like his first EP Magnetic shown in the video below


Also he is resident dj at our BSD Nostalgia party’s focus on old school, acid house retro and new school and released a remix of Krid Snero’s White line on the Nostalgia Label.

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